Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Renewal of Life Celebration for Beverly Stevens

When you or a loved one is faced with the frightening diagnosis of breast cancer, it's natural to experience feelings like hopelessness, fear, and despair. In those moments, we are most in need of simple words that can bring comfort, faith, and the hope of healing.
It's been just over a year since Beverly Stevens began her journey with the diagnosis of Breast Cancer.
Her recovery was call enough for a celebration with family and friends which included blowing bubbles and the release of balloons. Beverly shared her personal testinony with the 40 plus in attendance this Tuesday. Beverly has encouraged many with her faith in God durring this time. Beverly would like to thank those who came and especially Shirley Bishop who felt led to do this for Beverly after overcoming her own battle with Breast Cancer. Thanks also to Danielle Garrett, Megan Hoskins, Terri Garrett and Natasha Roberts for working so hard on the food and last but not least all those who sharred in this celebration of Blooming out!
Praise God!

You've just been told that someone you love, or someone close to you, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Your first thoughts usually revolve around what is going to happen next. Will they require surgery, will they have to undergo treatments of chemotherapy or radiation, will they have to give up their jobs, school or lifestyle in general, and ultimately, are they going to survive this disease?

Breast cancer affects everyone differently, but most women do not want to suffer through this alone. Emotions are all over the map, your and hers. Those emotions can be hard to read. But remember it’s many times the simple things in life that really matter most to people. A hug, a card of encouragement, a back rub or a meal brought to the house are all small things that mean so much when dealing with a difficult situation.
Pray and find Strength in the Lord.

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