Monday, September 6, 2010

A Letter from a Dear Friend.

The following is a letter I received today from a wonderful friend I got to know a while back. At the time she was the secretary for the Clay County Chamber of Commerce. Many of you may already know Jo Ann.

Most of you know that my dad was diagnosed about 6 wks. ago with mesotheleoma lung cancer & doesn't have long to live. Well I had to make an emergency trip to Clay City Friday morning and then to St. Joseph Hospital, because my mother was taken to the hospital Thursday night. My mother has been diagnosed with acute leukemia and doesn't have long to live either. She will be sent home on Tuesday to live the rest of the short days that she has in her own home. I am requesting prayer for my parents and for my family. We three children are losing both of our parents at one time, to different cancers and we are devastated, to say the least....I can hardly function but I put on a brave face and try to keep them laughing and keep their mind from what will be happening to them both in a short time. They are not used to being apart, they have been married for over 60 years, and with daddy in the hosp. first & now mom, it is taking an emotional toll on both of them. Please pray for us and put us on your prayer lists at church.....may God bless each of you....their names are Glenn & Wanda Brewer for those of you who do not know...thank you so much for being my friends, I love each of you...... ♥ Jo Brewer Abner♥

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