Monday, August 30, 2010

A New Little One.......

A Baby is a Gift of Life.
Born of the wonder of love,
A little bit of eternity
Sent from the Lord above,
Giving a new dimension
To the love between husband and wife
And putting an added new meaning
To the wonder and mystery of life.

Trinity Chase Craft
Proud Parents Tracy and Randy Craft

Miracles Happen Everyday....

The word “miracle” “signifies in Christian theology a striking interposition of divine power by which the operations of the ordinary course of nature are overruled, suspended, or modified”
I got this word Miracle on my brain yesterday and just can't seem to let go of it. You see as I headed out yesterday on North 421 headed to Sunday School I witnessed a Miracle. I watched as the car that was directly ahead of me flipping not once but twice into the air and land in the ditch the opposite way it was going.
I got out of my car and begin to walk toward the crash and was amazed when the driver pushed open his door and stood up and then walked over and sat down on the side of the bank. From what I had just witnessed I would have thought that no one could walk away from something like that. His car was totalled out and suspended there as if it were being cradled by the ditch line.
As I made my way home from church I begin to think about the divine power of a Miracle. I got to thinking about the people God put there that morning. A Pastor Bobby Stevens, Glenna Marcum, Sharon Finley, Sonya Maxie and myself.
You often hear about miracles but when you actually come face to face with one it is truly astounding.

Friday, August 27, 2010

In Memory of Shirley Hoskins

Mrs. Shirley Ann Hoskins, age 69 of Manchester, passed away Monday, August 9th, 2010 at the Saint Joseph Hospital in London, Kentucky. She was born January 13th, 1941 in Clay County, Kentucky to the union of Rex and Mattie Brewer McGee. She was co-owner of Hoskins Florist and a member of the Laurel Creek Church of God.

She is survived by her husband: Ford Hoskins of Manchester, her son: Dean Hoskins and wife Denise of Manchester, 2 grandchildren: Jessica Jones and Amy Hoskins, and 4 great grandchildren: Charles Andrew Jones, Logan Cash Jones, Summer Paige Jones, and Hayden Trace Hoskins. Also surviving is 1 brother: Sanford McGee of Russell Springs, Kentucky and 1 sister: Betty Boggs of Lewisburg, Ohio, and these friends: Sandra Whitaker and Francis Wagers.

What is the Anointing?

"Ye shall see the heaven opened." "He saw the heavens opened and the Spirit of God descending upon him." What is the meaning of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. It is nothing less and nothing other than the Holy Spirit taking His place as absolute Lord. The anointing carries with it the absolute lordship of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit as Lord. That means that all other lordships have been deposed and set aside; the lordship of our own lives; the lordship of our own minds, our own wills, our own desires; the lordship of others. The lordship of every interest and every influence is regarded as having given place to the undivided and unreserved lordship of the Holy Spirit, and the anointing can never be known, enjoyed, unless that has taken place. That is why the Lord Jesus went down into Jordan's waters, into death and burial, in type, taking the place of man in representation, from that moment not to be under the government of His own life in any respect as He worked out the will of God, but to be wholly and utterly subject to the Spirit of God in every detail. Jordan's grave set forth the setting aside of every independent lordship, every other lordship, every other influence, and if you will read the spiritual life of Christ in the Gospels you will see that it was to that position that He was every moment adhering. Many and powerful were the influences which were brought to bear upon Him to affect Him and govern His movements. Sometimes it was the full force of Satan's open assault, to the effect that it was necessary that He should do certain things for His cause, or for His very continuance in life physically. Sometimes it was Satan clothing himself with the arguments and suasions of beloved associates, in their seeking to hold Him back from certain courses, or to influence Him to prolong His life by sparing Himself certain sufferings. In various ways influences were brought to bear upon Him from all directions, and many of the counsels were seemingly so wise and good. For example, with regard to His going up to the feast, it was urged, in effect: It is the thing that everybody is doing: if you do not go up you will prejudice your cause. If you really want to further this cause, you must fall into line with the accepted thing religiously, and you only stand to lose if you do not do that; you will curtail your influence, you will narrow your sphere of usefulness! And what an appeal that is if you have something very much at heart, some cause for God at heart, the success of which is of the greatest importance. Such then were the influences that were beating upon Him. But whether it be Satan coming in all the directness of his cunning, his wit, his insinuation, or whether it be through beloved and most intimate disciples and associates, whatever the kind of argument, that Man cannot be caused to deflect a hairsbreadth from His principle. 'I am under the anointing; I am committed to the absolute sovereignty of the Holy Spirit, and I cannot move, whatever it costs. Cost it my life, cost it my influence, cost it my reputation, cost it everything that I hold dear, I cannot move unless I know from the Holy Spirit that that is the Father's mind and not another mind, the Father's will and not another will, that this thing comes from the Father.' Thus He put back everything until He knew in His spirit what the Spirit of God witnessed. He lived up to this law, this principle, of the absolute authority, government, lordship of the anointing, and it was for that that the anointing had come.

That is the meaning of the anointing. Do you ask for the anointing of the Holy Spirit? Why do you ask for the anointing of the Holy Spirit? Is the anointing something that you crave? To what end? That you may be used, may have power, may have influence, may be able to do a lot of wonderful things? The first and pre-eminent thing the anointing means is that we can do nothing but what the anointing teaches and leads to do. The anointing takes everything out of our hands. The anointing takes charge of the reputation. The anointing takes charge of the very purpose of God. The anointing takes complete control of everything and all is from that moment in the hands of the Holy Spirit, and we must remember that if we are going to learn Christ, that learning Christ is by the Holy Spirit's dealing with us, and that means that we have to go exactly the same way as Christ went in principle and in law.

So we find we are not far into the Gospel of John, which is particularly the Gospel of the spiritual School of Christ, before we hear even such as He saying, "The Son can do nothing of himself". "The words that I say unto you I speak not from myself." The works that I do are not Mine; "the Father abiding in me doeth his works".

"The Son can do nothing out from himself." You see, there is the negative side of the anointing; while the positive side can be summed up in one word—the Father only. Perhaps that is a little different idea of the anointing from what we have had. Oh, to be anointed of the Holy Spirit! What wonders will follow; how wonderful that life will be! The first and the abiding thing about the anointing is that we are imprisoned into the lordship of the Spirit of God, so that there can be nothing if He does not do it. Nothing! That is not a pleasant experience, if the natural life is strong and in any way in the ascendant. Therefore Jordan must be there before there can be an anointing. The putting aside of that natural strength and self-life is a necessity, for the anointing does carry with it essentially the absolute lordship of the Spirit.

You notice the issue of that in 2 Cor 3:16. "When it shall turn to the Lord", when the Lord is the object in view, "the veil is taken away, and we all with unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord are transformed into the same image . . . even as from the Lord the Spirit", or "the Spirit which is the Lord". You are in the School and you can see Christ and learn Christ; which is being transformed into the image of Christ under the lordship of the Spirit. "When it shall turn to the Lord", when the Lord is our object in view! But with us, with us Christians, with us very devoted, very earnest Christians, what a long time it takes to get the Lord as the sole object. Is that saying a terrible thing? We say we love the Lord; yes, but we do love to have our own way as well, and we do not love to have our way thwarted. Have any of us yet reached that point of spiritual attainment where we never have a bad time at all with the Lord? Oh no, we are still found at the place where we so often think it is in the interests of the Lord that our hearts go out in a certain direction, and the Lord does not let us do it, and we have a bad time; and that has betrayed us absolutely. Our hearts were in it. It was not easy, absolutely easy and simple for us to say, Very well, Lord, I am just as pleased as though you let me do it, I delight always to do Thy will! We are disappointed the Lord does not let us do it; or if the Lord delays it, what a time we go through. Oh, if we could only get at it and do it! The time is finding us out. Is that not true of most of us? Yes, it is true. We do come into this picture, and that just does mean that, after all, the Lord is not as verily our object as we thought He was. We have another object alongside and associated with the Lord; that is, something that we want to be or to do, somewhere we want to go, something we want to have. It is all there, and the Holy Spirit knows all about it. In this School of Christ, where God's objective is Christ, only Christ, utterly Christ, the very anointing means that it has to be Christ as Lord by the Spirit. The anointing takes that position. Well, so much for the moment for the meaning of the anointing. It was true in Him, and it has to be true in us.

Me: This is the hard part! Giving it all to Christ. But oh so worth it!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

: Manufacture Recall

(I have no idea who wrote this, but it is great!)

The Maker of all human beings (GOD) is recalling all units
manufactured, regardless of make or year, due to a serious defect in
the primary and central component of the heart.
This is due to a malfunction in the original prototype units code
named Adam and Eve, resulting in the reproduction of the same defect
in all subsequent units.
This defect has been technically termed "Sub-sequential Internal Non-
Morality," or more commonly known as S.I.N., as it is primarily

Some of the symptoms include:
1. Loss of direction
2. Foul vocal emissions
3. Amnesia of origin
4. Lack of peace and joy
5. Selfish or violent behavior
6. Depression or confusion in the mental component
7. Fearfulness
8. Idolatry
9. Rebellion

The Manufacturer, who is neither liable nor at fault for this
defect, is providing factory-authorized repair and service free of
charge to correct this defect.

The Repair Technician, JESUS, has most generously offered to bear
the entire burden of the staggering cost of these repairs. There is
no additional fee required. The number to call for repair in all
areas is: P-R-A-Y-E-R.
Once connected, please upload your burden of SIN through the
REPENTANCE procedure.
Next, download ATONEMENT from the Repair Technician, Jesus, into the
heart component.

No matter how big or small the SIN defect is, Jesus will replace it
1. Love
2. Joy
3. Peace
4. Patience
5. Kindness
6. Goodness
7. Faithfulness
8. Gentleness
9. Self control

Please see the operating manual, the B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions
Before Leaving Earth) for further details on the use of these fixes.

WARNING: Continuing to operate the human being unit without
correction voids any manufacturer warranties, exposing the unit to
dangers and problems too numerous to list and will result in the
human unit being permanently impounded. For free emergency service,
call on Jesus.

DANGER: The human being units not responding
to this recall action will have to be scrapped in the furnace. The
SIN defect will not be permitted to enter his Kingdom so as to
prevent contamination of that facility..

Thank you for your attention!

P.S. Please assist where possible by notifying others of this
important recall notice, and you may contact the Father any time by
'Knee mail'!

Because He Lives

Friday, August 20, 2010

You choose: The Way of Faith or The Way of Yourself

The work of the Holy Spirit is to conform us to Christ, to cause us to take the form of Christ, to form Christ in us; but Christ will always remain other than we are, so that there will never cease to be a call for faith. Do you expect to reach a point in this earthly pilgrimage when faith can be dispensed with? It is a false hope. Faith will be required as much as ever in your last moments in this life, if not more than at any other time. Faith is an abiding thing for the duration of this life. If that is true, that in itself dismisses any hope whatever of our having the thing in ourselves. That was the first sin of Adam, that choice of his, not to have everything in God, but to have it in himself in independence, to get rid of the idea of faith. So he sinned by unbelief, and all the sin that has come in since is traceable to that one thing -- unbelief.

Faith is the great factor of redemption, of salvation, of sanctification, of glorification; everything is through faith. It undoes the work of the Devil. And faith simply means that we are put into the position where we have not got it in ourselves, we only have it in Another, and can only know it and enjoy it by faith in that Other. Thus Galatians 2:20 always comes with renewed force -- "I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I that live, but Christ liveth in me: and that life which I now live in the flesh I live in faith, the faith which is in the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself up for me" (A.R.V.). I live the life in the flesh by faith in the Son of God.
The Lord interpret His word to us.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What is my calling?

What is my spiritual calling?
How will I recognize it when I am stumbling along through life?
But how can you know when you have found it? Doesn’t the mind have a tendency to play games with us? Isn’t it quite possible that people want so badly to be chosen for a particular life path that they convince themselves that this is the one they were destined to follow? “It must be my destiny because I love it so much.”

If God has a call on your life, He will make it evident to you.
Be led by the Holy Spirit.
Be God's servant.
Immerse yourself in the Word of God.
If the pulpits are not open to you, look out your front door, there is a wide open door to the whole world.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Church pics from 8-15-10.

Hanging out after church Sunday.

Ann and Verla
Teresa and Judy

Tracy Craft

Madelyn Burns

Kathy, Candon, Josh and Cassie

Kathy, Candon,Vicki and Larry

Sue and Joe


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