Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Woman with a Servants Heart in Service for the Kingdom/ Our WINGS Lady of the Month for August 2015(Janet Salmons)

Janet Salmons was born on May 7, 1955, at home in Brightshade, Clay County, Kentucky.  She was born the 4th child of nine (9) children.  She graduated from the Knox Central High School in Barbourville, Kentucky.

Janet married Rudolph (Rudy) Salmons, and they have been married now for 41 years.  As a result of this union, they had three children, Julie, Stephen, and Samantha.  Janet and Rudy currently have four grandsons, Tyler Collins, Aaron Fields, Brady Sowders, and Parker Sowders. 

Janet accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior in 1985, was baptized, and has been a member of the Oneida-Laurel Creek Church of God Worship Center since 1995.

When Janet was 48 years of age, she had emergency triple by-pass heart surgery.  After the surgery, God gloriously restored her health and she returned to work at the Manchester Memorial Hospital after only three (3) months.

Janet enjoys attending church, spending time with her grandchildren, sports, and reading.  She’s a wonderful mentor to her children, and loved very much by her family and friends.

If you’ve ever wondered where all the nice table cloths, bowls, and cups come from while you’re enjoying a wonderful meal at the church, well then, you need to thank Janet Salmons.  She has been supplying most of these items since we started cooking here at the church.  When we need coffee cups, bowls, or table cloths, all we have to do is call Janet.  She can get them and have them available the next day.  Not only does she supply them, but she also donates them to the church.  This is considered a ministry by her.  She supplies these items for teen camps, homecomings, or anything else that’s going on.  And that’s not all, she also supplies teen camp with many food items. 

She volunteers her time and takes off work from her public job a week each year to work in the kitchen during teen camp.  When she’s not cooking, she’s serving tables; when she’s not serving tables, she’s washing dishes; when she’s not washing dishes, she’s cleaning the church, including the bathrooms!  She makes herself available whenever and wherever she’s needed.  

Janet is a person who goes above and beyond her reasonable service to the Lord.  She and her family have always been a great blessing to our church.  We love you, Janet.  Congratulations, Miss August!