Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who Inspires You?

Who inspires you? Who do you inspire? Do you ever think about that? Inspiration is not a small deal, in fact it's quite important.  Many people inspire me. My Parents who love me unconditionly no matter what, my Pastor who is my example of what Christ like love should be, and my friends who encourage me on a daily basis to keep on stepping. Good leaders and good teachers certainly inspire others and are also inspired by those around them. Inspiration can come from anyone, whether it's someone who had a major impact in your life or just does something every day that lifts your spirits.

Let those heroes not be just an ideal that you look up to, but a reminder of your own potential. You don't need to commit extraordinary feats to live an extraordinary life, and you don't need to have the eyes of the world upon your actions to make them valuable. That value is set by you, through your own passion, your own commitment to growth as an individual. Let's use our heroes to be more. To work towards those Christ like ideals we admire so much in them. Help me to become more like Christ.

True women and men of God inspire me as I look for an example in my own life. For me one such person is Pastor Tracy Boyd of Life Christian Church in Troy, Michigan. Her story really resonated with me.
At age 35, Tracy found herself tragically widowed with three small children to raise. Learn about the compelling journey she took down the road of healing.

Pastor Tracy Boyd reveals that God can and will take you to the place of enjoying life again.

Check out her book "Live Again". It has inspired me to maybe share my story one day.
Enjoy the YouTube ACT Promo video  from Pastor Tracy Boyd above.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011