Tuesday, July 10, 2012

With God I Can

I don’t consider myself a writer. I have no passion to write. Not only that, my vocabulary and grammar aren’t my strongest points either! Then why am I here? I find myself asking this over and over. Sometimes I sit down and become annoyed when I can't find something on a subject I really feel led to share something about. I want it to come right then and there, that very instant and when it doesn't I get frustrated. I then become lazy on this blogging platform and have come to realize that is when I need to step back get away from the computer and get I out of the way. That's it! I is the whole problem, I This, I That.....

 We must realize that we just need to wait on Him for guidance. However, sometimes when something does come it is out of our comfort zone. We dislike it and  know it’s our pride. But we must do it. We need to be obedient, we need to be faithful. We don’t like to be tested. We don’t like being uncomfortable. And it hurts when God humbles us because of our pride.

Perhaps, God has called you to do something and you haven’t. Fear? Pride? Discomfort? Don’t know where to start? Did you ask God for guidance?

Remember God is our number one influence. He has the first and final say in everything… not our critics. Do it for Him and let it glorify Him even if it’s a bit uncomfortable.
God did not call us to be successful, He called us to be faithful.