Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Woman Using her Gifts for the Lord -Our WINGS Lady of the Month for May 2015(Candon Stevens)

Candon was born January 30, 1979, to Pastor Joey and Vicki Burns. Since her birth she has been a wonderful daughter. She displayed motherly type tendencies from the time she could hold a baby doll in her hands. When her little sister, Deidra, was born, Candon was almost eight years old. She began to take care of Deidra from the very start, just like a little mother.

Candon was dedicated to the Lord a few months after she was born; she was saved when she was eight years old, and baptized in the Holy Ghost a few years later. She started singing in church when she was about ten. From then on, she was unstoppable. She then started playing piano after being shown a few cords by her Mom. God started anointing her from the very start to sing and play music for the Lord.

At age 19, Candon married her grade school, on-and-off again boyfriend, Brad Stevens, who was also very talented in singing and playing music. No doubt, God had a plan all along for these two to marry and serve Him throughout their lives. They both have special callings from God on their lives. How do we know this? Because Brad became Associate Pastor of the COGWC a few years after they married, and Candon became the Worship and Praise Leader. They have three beautiful children, Peyton, age 14, Hannah, age 11, and Hope, age 3. Words cannot express how important and special they are to our church.

Candon and Brad have been Administrators over the Teen Camp for the past eight years. They are solely responsible for overseeing the raising of funds, planning events/games, meal planning, theme selections, booking evangelists, making flyers, selecting team leaders, designing, ordering and distributing T-shirts, as well as corresponding with teens and their parents throughout the community and churches in Michigan and Tennessee to get them registered for Teen Camp. These Teen Camps have been a great success each year.

Candon has been our church secretary/treasurer/clerk for the past 10 years. She has served very well in these positions to ensure that the church's finances are well documented and preserved appropriately. She makes deposits for the church and works closely with members to distribute yearly statements to them involving their donations and tithes to the church. Candon has always been involved with our WINGS Ministry and has recently been heading up these meetings.

Last but not least, Candon is a work from home mom who has, and will always be, THE BEST mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and Christian woman. She has a sweet, gentle spirit and loads of personality. If only a picture could describe who every teenage girl would like to be like when they grow up, it would be a picture of Candon. We are so proud of her and we love her very much!

We thank you for all you do. From all of us at the COGWC! God Bless You and Yours!

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