Monday, June 1, 2015

A Woman Using her Talents in Service for the Kingdom/ Our WINGS Lady of the Month for June 2015(Teresa Collatz)

I was born in Franklin, Indiana on October 25, 1971, to Amos and Rosa Sizemore. I have one brother, Sherman Sizemore of  Manchester, Ky. and two nieces, Madison and Alexis Sizemore.
Just about as early as I can remember I've been in Church. Some of my fondest memories are of Sunday School at Locust Grove Pentecostal.
One of my favorite activities growing up was roller skating and riding my bike in the cull-de sac where I lived. We lived in large trailer park community back behind Johnson County Hospital. I was a bit of a wanderer when out with my friends. I used to slip away from where I was supposed to be and go trotting off with new friends I had made. Only by the grace of God was I able to remain safe and find my way back home.

At the age of ten my family moved to Kentucky to help my Aunt Liza, who had lost her husband. We lived on Laurel Creek in the area somewhere a bit past where Mike and Amy Bishop live now. Eventually mom and dad decided to stay in Kentucky and we then moved to Collins Fork.

With a family of Preachers we could usually be found at a Church somewhere most anytime. I think that over a period of time growing up I became a little resentful of all the rules. Coming out of a very strict Church which didn't believe in  TV, Cutting hair, Make Up, Women wearing pants, listening to no other music than Christian etc.....The list goes on and on. I had an argument for all of them. I used to tell my mom and dad "what's wrong with cutting your hair? All them women walking around with their hair upon their head in a bun might as well have theirs cut off because it looks short. lol

I graduated High School 1990, and decided that I wanted to be either a Teacher or Cosmetologist. I chose the latter. I worked in Cosmetology for about 9 years before I met and married my husband, Fred. He then insisted that I work with him and learn the business. After his death in 2000, I continued on for about 6 and a half years. Finally, realizing I couldn't continue living someone else's dream. It was hard to let go but it just became necessary. I once had a Pastor that was a patient of Fred's write me a letter who told me that as long as we had the name Christian Cardiology over our door, we would have trouble. He told us that the devil hated the name of our professional business and all the religious artwork that Fred so boldly displayed in his offices. He wrote of a storm coming and that I would bear the brunt of the storm. How poignant that was looking back now.

After Fred passed away a friend had her Pastor come from Corbin and pray with me. I rededicated my life to Christ that day in 2001. I would go to Church with her from time to time but not often enough as I should. Finally, in 2006 I was asked to be apart of the Chamber Banquet Decorating Committee and I accepted. I worked with my friend, Shirley in finding a venue and she mentioned a few places that were possibilities. Finally it was decided that the Church of God Worship Center would host. It was not long there after that I starting attending in 2007.  I could feel the presence of God and I knew deep in my heart that this is where God wanted me.

Years later I started praying for God to use me. I knew the Church had a website but that they didn't really have anything like a blog. So as I started to work with it, I began to try to come up with a way to make it really special. What better way to catalogue every service and create a history of your Church than in pictures. I received lots of help from Sue Lunsford who was already taking lots of pictures. I started with a total of 4 blogs in all and just couldn't handle all of them. Amanda Jones took over the teen and kid blogs and is outstanding in what she does. 

I'm also apart of our Reception Resource Ministry, and take part in helping out in the Food Pantry Ministry as well. God has been so good to me, I could write a book and still keep writing for all He's done, doing and is going to do. He's been with me every step of the way. All to Him I owe.

A woman of God, like the man of God, depends on her Lord for the power and grace to accomplish all these things. She realizes that, like the fruit in the illustration of the vine and the branches (John 15:1-8), she is merely a branch on which the Lord hangs His fruit. She exhibits the fruit of the Spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control—and knows that these are indeed His fruit, not her own. They are the product of the Holy Spirit who resides within her, and she gives Him all the glory for what He accomplishes in her.

I am excited about the future and what it holds. On the 24 of October I get to marry the most wonderful man, Jim Gray. Funny how God's plan unfolds in our lives. I feel a little like I'm reaping my harvest. Those seeds of prayer I planted long ago are springing up God's promises. Oh, and there's plenty more to come...
I'm deeply honored that you choose me this month. I love you all! Especially my Pastor Joey, and Sister Vicki. I know I don't tell you enough. God Bless!


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