Sunday, January 11, 2009

Peggy R. Personal Testimony 4

I believe God allows us to go through events in our life to make the person stronger in faith and that somewhere in the future you will be able to help some one with your testimony.

My husband was laid off in 2007. Our insurance coverage was cancelled in September 2007. I worked for the state during this time, so in order for me to receive coverage I had to apply in October and coverage would not start till January 2008.I became sick around the first of October 2007.

The pain in my lower right abdomen at times was unbearable. My thoughts was cancer because this is where my mother hurt with colon cancer. I knew that going to the doctor was not possible due to no insurance coverage.

I turned to the great physician...God.

When you are at your lowest and no where else to go this is who you put your faith in. I would pray Lord you know my sickness and it is in your hands. What do you want me to do about? He laid it on my heart to anoint my side with anointing oil every time I hurt and pray. I was also led to fast. What ever he put on my heart to do, I did.

The month of January came. My insurance coverage had started, so I made a doctors appointment. The doctor sent me for a CT Scan. I went for this the following Friday. After the CT Scan was performed, I went to work. I was at a patient's house when the phone ringed. My supervisor called to say my doctor was trying to get up with me. The test had came back bad. I went home immediately to call the doctor. When I got up with her, she said,"Mrs. Runion it is your appendix. We do not know how you have lived in the shape you are in ." I said " I do. It is because of prayer and faith." She gave no response other than I had an appointment with Dr. Graham at 4pm that evening and should keep it.

I went to see Dr. Graham that evening. He said they could not get the results of my CT Scan . He said what I had was a smoldering appendix. He set me up for the following Monday for surgery. The surgery would remove my appendix through my navel, thirty minutes in and thirty in recovery. I would go home that night. This sounded good.Monday came and I went for the surgery. I was in surgery 2 hours for a 30 minute procedure. The doctor told my husband that my appendix had been ruptured for 5 weeks and he was sending it off to pathology for possible cancer. I told my husband this can not be. If my appendix was ruptured that long I would be dead. I stayed over night in observation. The nurses could not tell me nothing about my appendix being ruptured 5 weeks.

The next morning Dr. Graham's PA Holly came to discharge me. I asked her what they found during surgery. She said " Mrs. Runion we started through your navel and had to pull out. Your appendix had already ruptured. We made an incision and found that your appendix had been ruptured for about 5 weeks. When it ruptured, it crusted itself over and isolated it self. We just do not understand how you have lived." I told her it was because of my faith in God and praying.

( The pathology report came back no cancer!!)

I believe with all my heart that if I had not obeyed God when he laid it on my heart to do something, I would have not received my healing. Obedience is better than sacrifice. I might have come close to death but it is worth my suffering to know that my testimony would make a difference in someone's life. I can tell it has made a difference in my family especially my husband.


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