Thursday, May 6, 2010

Glenda Harris (Personal Testimony)

I want to start by Praising God for His love and mercy toward me and for His anointing upon my life.

About 3 or 4 weeks ago I began to fast and pray about a day shift job that pays more money. I believe the Word of God to be true. Therefore, I'm a firm believer in tithing...so, I added faith to prayer & fasting and doubled my tithes in the amount of what I want my salary to be. On Monday, March 26th I received three telephone calls from the facility where I had applications...

I scheduled three interviews in three different units. I began to pray more, asking God to put me where He wanted me...where He can use me!! On Wednesday, the 28th I had all three interviews...as I was walking into the hospital for my first interview, I was still praying for God to place me where He wanted me...I asked Him to confirm my answer by having His name spoken by the Manager of that Unit.

I was in the first interview for about 10 minutes when the Manager began to tell me how she came to hold her position. She said she was filling in until a permanent manager was hired...after several weeks, she had a friend who came by her office one day and told her she should take the position. The Manager said she had no desire for the position...then the friend asked her why? and who loved the people more than she...she had to say no one, then the friend asked her who loves the patients more than she...again, the Manager said no one...then she said, "My friend then said, well, who loves this organization more than you?"...she then told me she said no one and immediately said "Lord, I know this is your voice through her". SHE said HIS NAME...I knew this was where I was supposed to be...I then had another interview two hours later..when that interview started, I told her that I had interviewed with the first Manager and was very interested in the position she offered. She then said, "Well, since you are being honest, there is no reason for me to continue this interview because she has already called me and we want you for that position, but you will have a panel interview of all the managers in this hospital. Then, they sent me to the HR department to find out the hourly salary rate for the position and scheduled me for the panel interview. The salary rate was DOUBLE my rate at the present (TITHING is BENEFICIAL) and it was a day shift position!

I went for the panel interview today, April 5th. It was a hard interview with the most difficult questions you could imagine. The interview is set up with all the managers who ask random behavior based questions. The Dean of Nurses asked me to tell her about my worst medication error...I told her that I hadn't made a medication error, but I could tell her an incidence where in I almost made a critical one. I told of that account, then moved on to two other questions. Then, she stopped the interview and said that she couldn't get past that question about the medication error...she said, "I don't believe you, I DON'T believe that you have never made a medication error...in my 21 years of being a nurse / manager, I have never interviewed some one who hasn't made a medication error, I just don't believe you". I said to her, "I'm sorry that you don't, but I have never made one...it is by God grace that I haven't and I thank him".

Immediately after leaving the interview, for about 2 seconds...I actually started to feel bad that I had never made a medication error...then I stopped and said Satan, "I refuse to feel bad for the anointing and benefits of God"...On my way home...while driving in my car, the devil again, tried to get in my mind...he said, well, you've done it now...if you get that position, you'll surely mess up now...you make a big medication error. I began to rebuke him and started PRAISING GOD for his anointing on my life. I declare if I do get the position, I will NOT make a medication error by His Grace!! Thank you Lord for anointing me to help and care for people safely, I count it a blessing that you have always governed me in my service to others.
Whether I get the position or whether I don't...I'm still gonna serve Him!!!

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