Friday, January 27, 2012

I Will Wait... Continued from Banner Inspiration

We’ve got instant soup… Instant grits… Instant rice… Instant cash withdrawal from the ATM… So-called instant love… That leads to instant marriages… And results in instant divorces…! We want everything quick, fast, and in a hurry…! But how many of you know that good things come to those who wait…? For Paul tells us in Galatians 6:9 to “Not grow weary in our well doing…” Don’t grow weary while you’re waiting… Don’t give up while your yet waiting… “For in due season we shall reap… IF we faint not…!”

Likewise, the prophet Isaiah lets us know that “They that wait upon the Lord, SHALL renew their strength… They shall mount up like eagles… They shall run and not be weary… They shall walk and not faint…!”

But while we’re yet waiting… What do we do…? What do we do… Between the time God gave us a vision… Gave us a promise… Until we reach that next level…That expected end… The fruition of that promise… The manifestation of that vision…? Let me suggest to you this morning that we need to learn how to WAIT on God…! (Repeat) Why? Because there is danger in not waiting on God…. Our text shows us three examples of the danger of not waiting on God… We’ve got to learn how to move and operate on His schedule, realizing that He knows what’s best for us… There is a danger in not waiting on God… Understand today that not waiting on God will cause you to…


· Sarah blamed God for her predicament
· She implies that God had not been good to her
· Not only do we blame God, but we often blame others for our misfortune
· We must understand that God knows what’s best for us

Your impatience to wait on God will cause you to Blame God For Your Situation… And secondly, it will cause you to…


· Sarah turns to the world to solve her problems
· Whenever we get impatient we turn to the world for a remedy
· This brings on the works of the flesh (Gal 5: 16-26)
· When you operate in the flesh, God is not obligated to respond: He didn’t recognize their marriage (when we sleep with someone, that’s marriage… that’s covenant…!)

The danger in not waiting on God will cause you to Blame God For Your Situation… Operate In Flesh Not Faith… But most of all, it will cause you to…


· Hagar despised Sarah; Hagar thought she was better than Sarah… Sarah’s eyes were opened to what she had done…
· Impatience is sin: (Phil 4:6) Sin will cause your eyes to be opened after the fact… Adam & Eve, Prodigal Son, Priests, Scribes & Soldiers @ Calvary
· Because of her disrespect, Sarah took drastic measures to get rid of Hagar… (v 5-6)
·The consequences (results) of your sin may not necessarily be favorable…

Learn how to wait on God… But why is it so important to wait on God…? Waiting increases your faith… (Is 40:31)

God wants us to live by faith… (15:6) Because faith is what pleases God… Hebrews (11:6, 11-12) If Heb 11:6 is true and I want to please God… The question is… How do I get faith…? How do I increase my faith…? How do I operate in faith and not flesh…?

Romans 10:17… You need the Word of God…! That’s the only way to increase your faith…

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