Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How God Will Use a Complete Stranger Many Miles Away ...

How God Will Use a Complete Stranger Many Miles Away... He Can and He Will...Proof in point because it actually happened to me this past week. A kinda thing that makes you litterally stand in awe of His Awesome Holy Spirt. If I can just for a moment of your time share a little of what happened. Most anyone that knows me knows that I love fashion and there is a website called Polyvore that is dedicated to that very subject. It is a site where you can create what they call sets(you pair clothing with accessories to create a complete look).
In my sets I like to use artwork to accentuate the clothing. Here is a couple of examples..

The following is a e-mail I received from a follower in Oregon.

 Bless You, Bless You, Bless You! The gift God has anointed you with is literally tangible & I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing it with the rest of us :) I loved your sets so much that I started a board on Pinterest featuring your work, entitled: Art-Inspired Fashion. But here's the deal: I want to give you total credit (or say something about you at the top of the page). So here's your platform, Toots! What would you like for me to write about you, your inspiration, where we can see more of your work ... whatever!? Do tell :) Thanks, Babe ... I'll be awaiting your reply.

 PS: Please don't think I'm some crazy-gal ... I just love JESUS, so I must tell you something: When I first saw one of the glorious sets you fashioned, something went off in my Spirit. Two words at first: CREATIVE EVANGELISM. You see, God's wants to use people like us ... creative, artsy, fun, foody, fashionable, faith-filled people to minister to the hearts of the masses through "Creative Avenues." His power, anointing, healing, deliverance & transformation of lives will be experienced by folks through "new arenas" & not simply inside a church building, Hallelujah! So what I felt when I looked at your sets, was definitely the Anointing. And as we know, "The anointing breaks the yoke." I believe countless people have been ministered to by your work ... I being just one of them :) Thank you again for being a conduit of The Glory! Have a fab day, Hun~DebSue

You see what so intrigued me by this is that no where had I mentioned on this little fashion site that I was a follower of Christ. I wrote her back and inquired about this very thing and she responded with this.
 You so graciously asked " How it is that you knew I was a follower of Christ"?  Well the answer is quite simple (or complex) depending on how you see it.  As a "Faith Girl", I choose simple ... the answer is I didn't.  But the Holy Ghost did! :) Please let me try to explain the best I can: I am going to be "bold" & unedited here. Lol. Here's the story:  My hearts desire is to touch hearts intimately for Jesus.  The kind of "touching" that only HE can do, & the kind of touching that after it's over, the people have no recollection of ME at all, because all they remember is that God had something to say to them personally :)  Well, I also believe the full gospel, including ALL the gifts of the Spirit.  So a few weeks ago, I again asked the Lord to "quicken" to me words He wanted to speak to folks wherever I may be, & that I'd not shake in my boots & just be bold (in love & joy) & tell people.  So with YOU Dear One, it was something quite supernaturally natural! I was drawn to your sets before & knew there was something "divine" about them, but yesterday I looked at them & KNEW I needed to message you.  I wasn't quite sure what I was going to say, but started typing & then the anointing of God hit & I knew by the Holy Spirit that He wanted to encourage you :)  So although my two little fingers were doing the typing, it was the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking, of this I can attest! Because, in my mind as I'm typing I'm thinking "But Lord!  I don't even know if she's  a Christian"!  "What if 'we're' wrong"? At this point I'm sure Jesus was in stitches :) But there was such a peace, such an anointing, the words flowed, then more words, then how He was going to use you.  By this time I knew God was all over this & I had better hit "send" before I wimped out :)  After I sent it, I did say out loud this time, "Lord, what if she doesn't know you"?  & what came up in my Spirit was so precious, I'll never forget. "She knows me ... and more importantly, I KNOW HER.  I know her inside out & backwards.  I know her so well that I moved on a complete stranger to message her to make her beam & to encourage & bless her heart.  That's how much I know & love her"!  Well, by this time I was a bawling mess.  So in awe of the goodness of God, but still "afraid" you would think I was a lunatic, yet at the same time so thankful I was obedient. LOL!  Does any of this make sense to you?  Please forgive my rambling ... I'm afraid I have perfected the art :) Blessings to you, Sister!  I hope to hear from you soon . xoxo 

 What wonderful and unique ways God works. I thank DebSue for being so obedient and for encouraging me when I needed it. God is always on time. No matter if He has to use someone as far as Oregon to do it.

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