Monday, April 30, 2012

Heather and Gary

I spent Saturday evening photographing a couple who have such a love for the outdoors. When Heather called me to ask if I'd do her engagement pics she asked "well what do you think about going off road?"...I thought to myself... ahhhh... how off road could it get. Boy was I wrong....lol We met in Oneida and hopped in a jeep and started making our way deep into places that it seemed time had long since forgotten. This couple loves to hike and explore and I wanted their pics to convey exactly that. I will be photographing their Wedding at Natural Bridge on June the 23rd. I can't wait! Here are just a few of the places that they took me too. 
In the pic above we all kinda came to the conclusion that this must have either been an old school or church. Only the frame remains.

This was quite a site simply because it was this huge massive rock out in the middle of a field that looked like it had just been dropped from space. We couldn't quite figure out how all those trees had took root there.

The thing I love most about the pic above is that I know most people would just pass it by and think how ugly and bothersome all that kudzo vine is. In my eyes I see a beauty in all that draping.