Friday, January 11, 2013

Update on Kyle

Fri 12:30 am. Well I thought I should do an update on Kyle. Sorry so long since last one but between his clinic visits and medications as well as catering to his little spoiled self we don't have much time to do anything else.

Anyway we went to clinic today and Dr Dodd says she's very pleased with his progress. His Echos and EKG's are looking better and better. His rejection meds have been lowered some also. He's still on 3 @ 6am, 5 @ 10am, 3 @ 2pm and 5-6 at 10pm and boy he doesn't like being disturbed up at 6am. Many times a day I look at him and watch how he moves around and plays as though he just had a little boo-boo fixed and I think oh how great it is to see what God can do. Kyle tells Sara and me that God fixed his heart and now it's new and well. I can't help but cry with joy of this miracle from God.

Sara was picking on him earlier this evening and laid her head on his chest and he looked over at me and said, 'Look she has her head on my new heart'. So of course I had to get on to her...lol.. He's so funny, anytime she does anything picking on him he runs and tells me so I'll fuss at her for him. He's soooooo spoiled but I love him all the more. I thank God everyday for this little miracle. It never gets old - praising God for his mercies. Keep praying for Kyle and all that are in need of healings or other blessings. God bless all tonight.

Posted by His Aunt Nora on Kyle's Face Book Page