Monday, December 29, 2014

Going Above and Beyond-Our WINGS Lady of the Month for January 2015(Bonnie Jones)

Bonnie was born 9/18/1951 in Manchester Kentucky. Her parents are Irma and the late TG Ledford ( he passed away August 24 1999). She has one sister Barbara Roberts who went to be with The Lord in October of 2004. A brother - Terry Ledford who lives in Camden Ohio with his wife Christy and their children Tia Corris, Andrew Ledford, Donny Ledford and Teagan Ledford. My sisters are Kim Allen who's married to Gary Allen. They have 1 daughter named Taylora Allen. Teresa Fields who's married to William Fields. They have 2 sons - Tyler and Jacob Fields. Then there's me!! Let's not forget her very special cousin/best bud/partner in crime - Pastor Joey Burns!!

 Kim is a certified medical assistant who currently works in Health Information Management at Memorial Hospital. Gary makes and fixes glasses and Madden and Associates. Teresa is a second grade teacher at Manchester Elementary. William is a mechanic at Hot Rods Service Center. I'm a certified pharmacy technician at Rite Aid Pharmacy. Her granddaughter Taylora is almost finished with college where she's studying for a degree in respiratory therapy. Tyler is a sophomore at CCHS and Jacob is in his moms second grade class at Manchester.
 Moms been saved for 39 years. She's filled with the Holy Ghost. She doesn't miss church unless she's sick, one of her children is sick, or there's snow on the road cause she won't drive in it!! Mom will do and has done anything for her kids and grand kids. She has went above and beyond for us. She raised us on her own. And she raised us in church. Her faith in God has been an example to us all our lives. Speaking of church - her heart lies there. She would be down at COGWC 7 days a week if Joey hadn't told her to take a break on Saturdays! There's so much more I could go on and on about when it comes to momma.
A big Thank you to Sue Lunsford for the main Pic above and to Amanda Jones for all the info and pics in the collages. Bonnie has been the Church Housekeeper for many years now and is very dedicated to her post of duty. You can also find her helping out in the kitchen when needed.
We appreciate all you do Bonnie. God Bless You and Yours!
From all of us at the COGWC.


Beverly Stevens said...

Bonnie is the b-e-s-t best. She is on the job all the time and does it for the Lord. She is super dependable and diligent to a fault. No one else could do what she does the way she does it. We love and appreciate you, Bonnie!

Anonymous said...

Bonnie is awesome! I love seeing her smiling face! She is probably the hardest worker I know. She is so selfless for the Lord that I'm pretty sure she will have the biggest crown in Heaven for all the work she has done! She is a priceless jewel!