Monday, February 2, 2009

Linda F. Personal Testimony (5)


Sometimes God has a way of getting our attention and I thank him for that. When I found out I had Melanoma CANCER I'd had a mole on my chest that had doubled in size in about three months. I went to the doctor and had the mole removed. The doctor then sent it off for test to be run.

The test came back and it was Melanoma Cancer and it was already in the third stage of four.

I was at work when the Doctor called with news that the test had come back positive for cancer. I know only the Lord could help me get through this. I hadn't told my family until a couple of days after. They didn't even know that I had went to the doctor. After I had told my family I was on every Church's prayer list around. I know I felt so much stronger just in knowing that others were praying for me. It just kinda takes that fear away or at least it did for me.

With Prayer you are not alone. When you have people praying for you I just knew without a shadow of a doubt that the LORD was going to Heal me.

Through this process the Doctors continued to run tests around the area that he had removed the mole. The test were showing that the cancer had progressed into my lymph nodes under my left arm.

The first surgery was performed and the lymph nodes were taken out and they came back positive for Melanoma as well. In three weeks the doctor wanted to go back in and remove all the lymph nodes.In between this time.... I WAS HEALED!!!!! I told the Doctor.. He still wanted to do a Pet Scan that would show if I had Cancer anywhere else in my body. The test was done and everything came back NEGATIVE. I didn't have any Cancer anywhere. The Lord had Healed me. The doctor still wanted to take out the lymph nodes because the cancer had been there before so I let him remove them.

Even though no cancer was found the Doctor still wanted me to take treatments. BUT I CLAIM MY HEALING!!!! I am holding on to it for GOD is the Healer and My PHYSICIAN..

I Thank HIM and Praise HIM!!

Every now and then the LORD wants to get our attention and getting us back where we need to be which is with HIM.

He has always been there when I call on HIM. He has taken care of me and my family. We can never give him enough Praise for all that he does.

I Praise HIM!!

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