Saturday, February 21, 2009

Poems From Lisa Brown

A Woman In Christ

I am a child of God
A woman in Christ
By standards of society
I will not be defined

The beauty I possess
Is not determined by man
Nor can it be bought
By a surgeon's hand

For the Son has painted
A glow upon my face
His artistry has captured
My portrait of grace

With each stroke of His brush
My flaws dissapear
My features are transformed
Time I no longer fear

What the mirror beholds
Will surely diminish with age
As lines cover youth
And golden locks turn gray

For every reflection is merely
A season in life
But I will always be beautiful
A woman in Christ

Copyright by Lisa Brown
All rights reserved

Patterns of Life

The patterns of my life
So intricately woven
Sewn by the smallest detail
Defined by every moment

Errors that I have made
Trials I did not choose
Time I took for granted
Mountains I prayed to move
Tears I cried in despair

Memories I cannot forget
Days I still cling to
Some I have come to regret
Yet, I am thankful for my life

For every circumstance
For the lives of those
Carefully placed in my path
For the pieces of my life

So uniquely designed
Form an intricate pattern
Where God and I intertwine

Copyright by Lisa Brown
All rights reserved

View From The Top

Standing in the valley below
I could see the mountain just ahead
And being discontent with my life
I decided to leave behind

The ground which I had tread
So I began my journey
Holding on with both hands
Out of breath, battered and bruised

Struggling to keep my footing and
Losing my balance time and time again
With each step I came closer
I was determined not to stop

For all things worthy come with a price
And I knew I just had to see
The view from the mountaintop

Copyright by Lisa Brown
All Rights Reserved

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