Thursday, September 15, 2011

Craft/Childrens Centerpiece

Are you trying to think of creative centerpieces for your child's birthday party but don't want to use those paper themed centerpieces? Here is a great idea that then turns into an activity for the children.

Create a Crayon Bouquet:
Purchase the following items:
  • Nice sturdy ceramic flower pots
  • Moss or Styrofoam balls
  • Box of 64 crayons for each bouquet 
Make sure the moss ball is a little larger than the pot opening so the ball doesn't fall in, but sits nicely in the ceramic pot. Take a pencil and punch a small hole in the moss ball. Then insert crayon, flat end first about 1/3 the way in. You can use the crayon itself to create the hole. However, I have found that the hole is cleaner and you prevent from breaking the crayons.

After completely covering evenly with all 64 crayons, you can set out at the table with coloring books, or themed color pages for the kids to keep themselves occupied while sitting at the table.

This is simple, creative, and a great way to keep from the children getting bored. Even if they are resting up from jumping in the bouncer they just got out of.

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