Monday, September 26, 2011

In Memory of Alice Hacker

Alice Hacker Family, So sorry to hear of your loss. May the Word of God and the comfort of the Holy Spirit bring you the Blessed Assurance that Alice is at peace. His purchase was indeed divine. Praying for all of you,

Heaven gains a wonderful angel today and we loose a treasured mentor. So glad God Blessed my life with Alice. Praying for her precious family.Love and prayers are with you all if you need anything let me know.
Brenda Chastain

Sorry about your loss ash.. Will be praying for you and your family... Alice will be greatly missed.. They was never a time that I didn't see a smile on her face.. Just know now that she isn't suffering anymore. Once again I am very sorry.
Tasha Jackson

We are so sorry to hear of Alice's passing and we love you all and are here for you if you need anything. God bless and hold you close to Him in this time of grief.
Sally Spurlock

 I loved Alice so much, everyone did. I have knew her since i was 2 years old. she was def. one of a kind. but, what a beautiful angel that heaven now has. (: she has seen the Lord, & is shoutin' on the streets of glory, standing tall, & breathing deep..cancer free. (: i love you all so much, if you all need anything, don't hesitate to ask. ♥
Chelsea Maxie

My heart is breaking. I love you guys so much and know that my prayers are going out. You were my sister Alice. I will miss you greatly and those hugs every time I saw you during church or working at the church helping prepare for those weddings. Im grateful that you have received the peace and comfort but I grieve because you are gone. I'll never forget you and forever I love you. Keep a place at the great table ready for me because there will be a day when we break bread together again.
Gibb Mills

It is a bitter sweet moment right now. The COGWC and the Christian family lost a great solider and prayer warrior of God today. Alice Hacker- you were loved by all and we will carry our love for you in our hearts each and every day. Thank you for the example that you laid before each of us and we will meet again on the other side of Jordan. I love you my dear and I will miss your smiling, happy go lucky face. The sweet part is...you are in the sweet arms of our Lord right now...
Teri Garrett

Sitting here in a very somber mood thinking about the times i spent with Alice Hacker... how she always gave you a hug and kiss when you seen her and all the Sunday after church meals we had when i was growing up Love you always Alice, Lil Sprite!!!!!
Steven Salmons

Bub so sorry to hear about Alice she will be greatly missed...I always loved to see her coming my way...her hugs and kisses always made me smile...my prayers are with you and your family...please let me know if you need anything.
Ann Dees

Love you bub, and you too Danielle..I'm next door if you need anything.
Jordan Philpot

Love ye bub, praying for you guys!
Mckayla Bradshaw

Everyone please remember all of the family of Alice Hacker she has gone on too be with the lord she was one of a kind & a truly wonderful and loving woman.. she will be truly missed but now she is dancing on the streets of gold..I am praying for you all ♥ you all!
Kita Childs

So sorry for ur loss bub!! She was a great woman!! I will miss her hugs and kisses when I came to church!! Always made me feel so welcome!! Prayers for u and ur family!!
Michael Scott

I remember when the sun shined so bright,
You were here and loved with all your might.
Now the Lord has taken you away,
But in my heart you will always stay.
Oh how I will miss you!!!!!
Glenda Harris

Mamaw Alice.. Has passed on. Pray for us all.
Kaytlynn Marie Delph

Praying for you guys. if you need anything let us know. we love you!! tell bub our hearts go out to him & you all! ♥
Susan Vickers

Love you all my thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Elisha Hacker 

So sorry for your loss bub its just killed me we love you, Danielle and your whole family and I loved Alice I feel like Ive lost one of my mamaw's in a way tell Connie I love her and you all are in our thoughts and prayers!
Jessica Jones

We loved Sister Alice and will miss her dearly. Our prayers are with you all.
Jean & Freddy Gross

Guys say a little prayer for my church family tonight and a couple close friends of mine. We lost an amazing woman today to cancer. She was a great mother, grandmother, friend, and all around great person in general. She will truly be missed. She was a family friend for many years and I'm so lucky I got to know her.
Michael & Brandy Davidson

I can't even describe how sad I am to hear about Alice. She was a very special lady and will be greatly missed. In my thoughts and prayers.
Lisa Brown

Words can not express how we all are felling about Alice , part of me is so sad and the other part can't help but rejoice. May God bring peace and comfort to you and Danielle. Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted, Father I pray that Bub and Danielle may receive mercy and find grace during their time of heaviness. You and your family will be in my prayers.
Sharon & Danny Finley

I have asked the questions why but I guess the answers for another time. So instead I pray, with every tear and be thankful for the time we had you here. I wanna live my life just like you did. Make the most of my time just like you did. And I want to make my home up in the sky just like you did. (RIP Alice....I love you!)
Amanda Jones

i love you Danielle :) Connie broke my heart tonight when she said.... Aaron will never get to know her :/ it was so sad.. but we all know she is in a better place!  i love you!

 well bub.... I'm so sorry, i have no clue how you feel right now.. I know Alice was to you what my nana is to me.. and my other granny of course.. but you know, Alice was kinda like a gran to me too.. i know you know she's better off, and some times we just don't understand why things have to be the way they are... but the plans are based on specific purposes that will only be revealed over in Glory.. but I'm here for ya and i love ya and miss ya..

Christy, I love you so much critter.. i know how close you and ally cat was... if anyone in the world could put a smile on your face, it was Alice, no matter if u were in the worst mood she could say something and you couldn't help but start laughing... lol . I'm so so sorry... I know she appreciated all the time you shared with her over the years.. seems like you were always by her side.. if u wasn't at home, u were with her some where! Now you have to make it to where she is, just as we all do. It gives us more reason to press on. Hang in there and know that i Love you and am thinking about you and sending up prayers each time u all run through my mind, which is often. Love you sis :)

ash i love you so dearly. your family is part of my family and i really have no idea how troubled you really are.. but just know that God is with you and He is the one who had this in His will, so you know He'll take care of you. Bible says the Lord giveth and taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord... He knows what he's doing... may not seem like it but deep down beyond the hurt and the whys and wondering, you know that God has a plan in mind when He does all things! I love you so much and miss u sis :) I'm here for you!!
Danielle Garrett

♥ you bub! I'll def. be praying for you and your family!
Hallie Arnett

I am so sorry for your loss. Alice was a wonderful lady. Every time I visited COGWC, she always hugged me and shook my hand. She always made me feel like I was a part of her church family. I will surely miss her. We will be lifting you and your family up in our prayers.
Ebby Bishop Smith

Jonathan & Danielle I am so sorry for your loss If I can be of help in any way please let me know Praying for the family love you both.
David Mills

hey bub. sorry to hear about your loss man. i am here if you need to talk. love you brother.
Bryan Harris

Sorry to hear about your mamaw ......May God be with all you guy's...She was a very special lady that's for sure :)))))
Casondra Campbell

Jon we are sorry to hear about Alice hope you all are okay. Christy sorry to hear about Alice she was a very sweet woman and I'm sure a very wonderful grandmother. She will be missed. Ashley sorry to hear about Alice hope you are doing okay she will be so missed.
Sherman Sizemore

Ashley so sorry to hear about Alice. So much respect and love for her and miss Ola.
Kevin &Virginia Gay

Cindy Mathis

Praying for you and your family...We love you Bub!!
Chris and Denise Rogers

Sorry to hear about Alice, my granny just told me..... If u guys need anything we are always here... Your in my thoughts and prayers!
Crystal Hensley

Praying for you my friend.
Jimmy Curry

Praying for the entire family.
Sherri Hicks Davidson

I didn't Know About Alice Till Just Now, Imagine The Shouting On The Hills Of Glory With Ola Ruth And Alice Celebrating Together !!!!!!!!
Geneva Thompson

I know how broken and heavy hearts are today with Alice's passing! Praying for peace for the family. Heaven received a very special Angel today! I always felt blessed by her hugs a big ol kisses on the cheeks foreheads! She will definitely be missed!
Renee Harris

 So sorry to hear about our families loss, but I know she is rejoicing in heaven, the place she longed to go for as long as I knew her! Prayers are with your family! Much Love!
Kristi Sparks Brewer

So Sorry, I'll be praying for your Family, I know it will be so hard, but the Lord will help you. I Know and Love your Complete family.
Glinda Davidson Marcum

So sorry for your loss! Alice was a wonderful woman of God and I know she will be greatly missed! God bless your little family!!
Dorothy Lovins

 I'm so sorry Danielle!! Saying prayers for u guys!
Darlene Brock Casey

Dennis Felts

Danielle, if you need me to do anything, you know where I'm at. Sorry about your loss.
Anita Dunaway Carmack

Praying for you and your family.
Angela Hoskins

Sorry for your loss...will keep you and your family in my prayer's
Jeannie Smallwood

Danielle, I'm so sorry for your loss, Keeping you all in our prayers ! Alice was such a sweet woman , will be truly missed ♥
Amy Brooke Hoskins

Sorry to hear about Alice...I love you guys so much. I'm praying for you all.
Whitney Marcum

My heart is heavy at the loss of dear, sweet Alice. I will miss her terribly. I can only be heartened by the thought of her reunion with her precious mother and her meeting with our Saviour.
Beverly Stevens

I will always remember Alice for the kindness and love that she showed to visitors at COGWC. You knew when she gave you that hug and kiss of the cheek that it was from the heart. She will be missed.
Kathy Smith

I have so many wonderful memories of our dear Alice! She will be missed so very much, but we also have to celebrate her opening her eyes in heaven with no more sickness and pain. What a precious person!
Pam Asher

My dear friend Alice, I will miss you so much, I will miss your smile, I will miss your hugs and kisses and your "I love you". I will miss your "kleenex ministry" around the altar. You loved the Lord and you loved people with His love. You leave behind you a great legacy as a woman of God who loved her family and faithfully prayed for their salvation. How many times you have whispered to me, "pray for my family". You didn't spend a lot of time worrying over things because your faith in the Lord was strong and you trusted Him to take care of your problems when you placed them in His hands. You were a winner either way and now you have run your race and entered into eternal rest with the Jesus you loved so much. I will continue to honor your requests to pray for your family.
Beverly Rogers

Love you and going to miss you...Wear that crown with pride...
Frances Combs

Good bye my dear friend! You meant a lot to so many! Give granny a big hug for me!
Dorena Mullen

I miss you my dear friend R.I.P.
Robin Bray Estep

RIP sweet Alice you have touched many many hearts in your time will never forget you.
Karen Runion

I have known Alice for several years, and she was a great lady.
Brenda Johnson

Alice I'll always remember your pink kisses on my cheeks!! REST IN PEACE SWEET LADY!
Carolyn Hensley

You will be missed.
Frankie Hensley

We love you and going to miss you Alice rip
Larry Frost

What a wonderful addition to heaven you are Alice!!
Tonya Wright Bosley

R.I.P Alice you will be missed.
Stacy Caudell

We wanted to tell you that we are so sorry for your loss. Let us know if there is anything we can do. Love you all.
Elease Gala Romero

Christy, Alice has just walked on into the promises of Jesus. A place called Heaven with a mansion of her own. Continue to remember all the happiness and joy you all shared. Most important of all is the blessing of her LOVE.
Rosa Sizemore

Alice..U was truly a good friend. I am so glad that the lord placed you in my life as a friend along time ago. I know you had a wonderful welcome into heaven. What a wonderful person!! I worked with Alice at home health. Been in church with her for years. She was a blessing to everyone that she met. I have alot great memories of ALice.I will miss that kiss on the cheek from her. She loved to serve the lord and is now praising him forever in heaven. God blessed us with a true angel on earth!!
Peggy Runion

We love you all so much and know that we're praying for the whole family and we're here for anything you all may need!
Natasha & Chris Roberts

Praying for you & your family. We love you guys! If you need ANYthing, don't hesitate to ask!!
Nicole Miracle

Carly, I know you miss your great granny but one day you will see her in Heaven. I love you and I miss Alice too.
Ashley Dees

I'm praying for you and the whole family. My heart goes out to you all. I Love you and every single one of you hold a special place in my heart..always have, not just because of this. I stayed a many of a night with Alice, me and Christy would go down there and spend the night and she was always soo good to me..I've a many of her sunday breakfast when I'd stay all night with you all. My heart is truly broken..she was an amazing woman, always had a smile on her face and was good to everyone. I'm praying for comfort and peace in ur time of need. I love you all and give my condolences to ur mom, ash and the whole family..if you need anything at all, just let me know...
Gelania Caldwell

Ashley I'm so sorry to hear about Alice...she was a great woman everytime I saw her she was always soo happy and smile'n. I'll be praying for you all
Samantha Mitchell

She was a life long friend, we grew up in the EMCG.
William Hugh Hudson

So sorry Christy. I'll be praying for comfort for you and your family. Keep thinking on all those good memories. She was such a loving and happy lady.
Kim Roberts

Luv u all, and I miss her so much too.
Patsy Thomas

Christy, I am so sorry to hear about Alice. I always liked her and Sprout. Will be praying for your family.
Harold Lee Collett

Dearest Alice's Family....Danny and I are so sorry to hear about Alice...Just like Tonya said in her post....A wonderful addition to Heaven! Never say Alice without a smile on her face! Rest in Peace!
Dixie Martin Rivenbark

It was with great sadness when we heardd of Alice's passing yesterday about 30m past, but our loss is truly Heavens gain. Psalm 116:15 Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His Saints....she was a saint of God, her work on Earth is done and she has taken on her Celestial Body....Shouts and Joy for her and prayers for her Family, Sprout and all! gb...rudy and alma
Ruby Hamblin

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for our family! Alice was an AMAZING lady who was very loved & who had a lot of love to offer everyone she knew! She will be greatly missed by everyone! I know she is is having a glorious time up on heaven right now! Please continue to remember our family in your prayers!
Danielle Owens

Thank you everyone for the kind words, and important prayers! They are really helping our family right now! We love you all! R.I.P. Mammaw! We will truly miss you! Love you!
Jonathan Owens

Thank u all so much for the prayers we really need them right now! she is in a better place but life wont be the same without her!! i miss her so much already!! i love u all!!
Ashley Owens

I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. I already miss mama so much, she was my best friend, but I have so much peace because she will never be in pain again or have another heartache. I love you mama and will miss you dearly.
Christy Collins

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