Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Tree O' Christmas Tree...

I had posted earlier on facebook for all of the Ladies and Gentlemen that wanted to share their pics of their trees to tag me when they had them up and ready to send. Margie however felt she couldn't do it and even called herself a Grinch. I told her that I knew that was not true and thought she must be pretty creative. She then told me that her daddy had loved Christmas, after she lost him that she had become a big Grinch...

I told her to think about honoring his love of Christmas and doing something special in his memory. I expect her to have the brightest tree there is.

I also told her my story when my Fred died years ago in the helicopter crash on Dec. 4th, I was decorating my Christmas tree. I had put it up the night before and didn't really like the way it looked so I decided that evening after I got off work to do some rearranging. That is the only thing that kept me from going with them that fatal evening. Decorating a Christmas tree.. I think about that each and everytime I put a tree up. Now I put them everywhere..lol

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