Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Morning @ the Surgery Center in Lexington Yesterday.

My niece Alexis had her tonsils removed yesterday and was so very brave. After surgery she kept asking us what they did with her tonsils. We kept assuring her that she wouldn't want them back. lol Please continue to remember her in your prayers as she recovers.
Before Surgery
 After Surgery
 It's funny what you look @ while you are waiting and waiting and waiting....As I looked around the waiting room I noticed just how vast the landscape of technology is becoming. I would say about 98% of the people there were on some kind of smart phone such as IPhone, IPad, Kendle etc.. Even the kids were playing games on their gadgets. I thought to myself how technology has made it so easy for us to keep in touch with each other or simply entertain us. I thought wow how amazing, but as I kept looking around the room I thought wait a minute. Here we are in a room full of people sitting elbow to elbow and talk about a detached group of people. I'm as guilty as any of them. Made me wonder how we could be sitting so close to someone and not even so much as acknowledge them with a polite hello..how are you. I know technology has it's place but it seems the way we conduct ourselves at times can be downright cold. Whatever happened to polite conversation, getting to know a perfect stranger? And then I looked up at these four lights. The Holy Spirit will reveal things to you in strange ways. 
As we move through our lives many of us worry about the things that interest us the most, the things we want to do, the things we want to have, the places we want to go. We hurry about like ants on steroids trying to get to the next place as soon as we can without stopping to see what we are leaving on the road.

So as I looked up I thought it's up to me(you) to be that light. So put down that phone from time to time and strike up a converstaion with a stranger. You might just be surprised...who you end up entertaining...lol

Are you being a light to others? 

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